Public Meeting - US 59 Texarkana-Queen City Route Study


Morris Upchurch Middle School
500 5th St
Queen City, TX 75572
Liberty-Eylau High School
2905 Leopard Dr
Texarkana, TX 75501


Tuesday, July 24, 2018
5PM - 7PM
Thursday, July 26, 2018
5PM - 7PM


The purpose of the open house is to gather public input on potential route options to upgrade US 59 from southwest of Texarkana to north of Queen City to interstate standards. The meeting will be an open house format so the public may come and go at their convenience, and staff will be available to answer questions. Comments must be received on or before Aug. 10, 2018, to be a part of the official open house record.


TxDOT is conducting a planning study to develop and evaluate potential route options to extend Interstate 369 (I-369) from I-369/State Loop 151 southwest of Texarkana (Bowie County) to Farm to Market (FM) Road 2327 north of Queen City (Cass County). This section of US 59 in Bowie and Cass Counties will become part of the Interstate 69 system and be designated as I-369 upon meeting interstate standards and connecting to existing I-369. US 59 in this area does not currently meet interstate standards. To meet interstate standards, an interstate highway typically has a minimum of four lanes, continuous median, overpasses, and interchanges with no connecting driveways or at-grade intersections. Frontage roads may be included for local access.

Special Accommodations:

TxDOT makes every reasonable effort to accommodate the needs of the public. The open house will be in English. If you have a special communication accommodation or need for an interpreter, a request can be made. If you have a disability and need assistance, special arrangements can also be made to accommodate most needs. Please call (903) 799-1308 at least three working days prior to the meeting. Please be aware that advance notice is requested as some accommodations may require time for TxDOT to arrange.

Memorandum of Understanding:

The environmental review, consultation, and other actions required by applicable federal environmental laws for this project are being, or have been, carried-out by TxDOT pursuant to 23 U.S.C. 327 and a Memorandum of Understanding dated December 16, 2014, and executed by FHWA and TxDOT.


TxDOT Atlanta District
701 E Main St
Atlanta, TX 75551, (903) 799-1342


The Texarkana Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) will hold a public meeting(s) to solicit comments for an amendment to the 2015-2040 Texarkana Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP). The purpose of this meeting is to discuss changes in the proposed project(s) in the MTP.

Monday, July 2, 2018
Conference Room, 2nd Floor
City Hall, Texarkana, TX
5PM to 6PM


Tuesday, July 17, 2018
Council Chambers, 2nd Floor
City Hall, Texarkana, TX
5PM to 6PM

MPO Staff will be present to answer questions and receive comments. All citizens are invited to express their views and discuss the projects.

Those interested in attending the meeting who have special communication or accommodation needs are encouraged to contact us at 903-798-3927 by noon Friday, June 29, 2018. The MPO will make reasonable efforts to accommodate these needs.

The public is encouraged to review and comment on the proposed projects of the MTP during the comment period from June 18 to July 17, 2018.

The document and comment forms will be available for review online at and at the Texarkana Metropolitan Planning Organization office.

Written comments may be mailed, emailed, faxed, or delivered to:
Texarkana MPO
PO Box 1967 – 75504
220 Texas Boulevard, 1st Floor
Texarkana, Texas 75501
(903) 798-3773 (fax)