Arkansas Statewide Transit Coordination Plan User Survey

In an effort to identify, coordinate and enhance public transit services, the Arkansas Department of Transportation is conducting a statewide ridership survey of public transit.


The Texarkana MPO is in the process of updating the Regional Active Transportation Master Plan. The Texarkana MPO would appreciate if you took a few minutes to answer the following questions related to bicycling and walking in the Texarkana region at the following location:

Regardless of whether you bicycle or walk in the region, the MPO wants to know how and where you travel in the region. Your responses will provide valuable insight into local travel patterns and community needs. This initial survey will help set the community vision for the development of a Regional Active Transportation Master Plan that will ultimately help the MPO identify and prioritize future bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure needs.

We appreciate your participation in this process and look forward to inviting you to the Texarkana Regional Active Transportation Master Plan Open House on September 21st. Additional details will be provided regarding the Open House shortly.